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Universal Music! No Money, No Greed, No Competition !

Invitation from Lucian Manea (USA)


Where: ???
NY, NJ, USA, Romania or any place in the world if there are 15+ people really interested.
It can also happen in more than 1 location with different dates and times.
We will find a decent and convenient place to meet, hopefully where it doesn’t charge. (your recommendations are welcome)

When: DATE WILL KEEP ON CHANGING until all the right people are coming so please tell your friends and spread the word… Right now the date is Sunday June 19 at 2pm

All instruments are welcome (including voice). However we will not use anything that is plugged in, electronic or even microphones while we play. We will be an acoustic natural instrument group.
I will play violin that day, with just a bit of vocal singing maybe.

Beginner to very advanced. If you are a beginner please state it from the 1st time we communicate and if you are very enthusiastic about playing at our meeting, I will find a way to get you going in the improvisations.

During meet-up:
a) Each of us will play a 1-2 minute solo demonstration in front of the group of anything that comes to our minds. This way I can determine the structures, possibilities, assign roles and start the improvisations.
b)We will improvise on some melodies/rhythms which I will play for you that day. Some will have easy structure, so everybody can play, and the advanced players can build on that and even take solos.
c) For those that have not improvised at all before or prefer to play something that is written down I will be happy to bring something for you. You must notify me ahead of time before the meetup so that I can prepare.

*pianists, drummers/percussionists and harpists please let me know for sure if you are coming sooner than later so I can book a room that contains these instruments in its setup.*
We will discuss and form groups in which I’ll present to you different realistic possible options based on your skills, your locations and instruments PLUS WE NEED TO BOND and SMILE a bit.
Keep in mind that long distance collaborations of musicians learning/rehearsing/performing music are much more difficult to achieve or impossible. (ex: if musician A lives in New Jersey and Musician B lives in Texas).

What type of music:
Its difficult to label or classify it in any way… all can be said is that it has some influences of world traditional (Medieval, Cuban, Balkan, Gypsy, Middle Eastern, Flamenco, African, Asian, etc…), late 19th century-early 20th century classical composers, be bop jazz/post bebop, free jazz. Most of all it will be ORIGINAL with NEW ROOTS , DIRECTIONS AND NEW MEANINGS therefore please understand that we will not be playing music done before and we will not play pop/rock/metal/rap/new age/hip hop/soul/country/grunge/funk/punk styles.

While I’ve written many pieces and have many scores in many kinds of styles, only recently did I start to do 100% quality from beginning to end all by myself. Just look for the „Colorations” piece

If you don’t like, or don’t appreciate the music you hear, please don’t bother with attempting to join.
Our improvisations or written parts during meetup can have even more variety. I will present different options at the meeting.

To form ongoing music groups/ensembles and organization. We may form one big group/ensemble or a big one and other smaller ones or just various etc…
We all need to be in this because we really want to and understand the long term philosophy and benefits of playing music.
I take this seriously and so should you.

How is this all possible? Everything is possible if we put our minds/hearts to it and stick together for the same reasons.

PREREQUISITES to meet-up date (what I need from you before the meet-up):
If no communication or poor communication, passive, passive-aggressive, unclear, false/empty words, different priorities, conflicts of interest, you mention the words ‘am too busy’, or you keep on talking about your calendar, we will have nothing in common which means this is not for you.
I will need to sit down or web chat with you BEFORE the group meetup (on a different date) to see if we can ‘click’ and focus on the same page in the same book. This is VITAL and I cannot have you just show up at the group meetup without knowing what its all about.

Send me some links of your music playing and/or background and history of your playing, and what you think your level is.
The more ahead of the meet-up date you do this the more chance I will have to prepare the options/possibilities for us.

*In some cases if you are already an established group/ensemble or know many of your friends that want to be involved in this, or am able to match you ahead of time I can actually start creating/writing some music for you before the meet-up date.
Do not wait until last week or day to show interest in the group meet-up since it might be too late.

If you’re planning on attending this event you must RSVP „yes” (after you’ve been approved) so that we know you are coming and if you are bringing friends please notify me of who they are so I can check them on the guest list which will determine our space size of studio. Guests do not have to be musicians as long as they clearly mention that at the beginning. We do need support so please spread the word and tell all your friends!
The more people are coming the better!

Since some of us don’t know each other yet, I strongly recommend that we should all acquaint and familiarize ourselves before the meet-up.
You are welcome to introduce yourselves and talk about your playing experiences and past on this meetup event page but please do not advertise your upcoming gigs and your links to your recordings.

Regarding music business, greed and competitions:
Aren’t you sick of dishonest musicians who call themselves ‘professional’ and compete just to make or steal money, yet they don’t really care/respect/understand or are open minded about music?
We are doing this because we love music, plain and simple. I am not a company, recording label, artist manager or rich and this is not at all about money or jobs. We are all assuming that you already provide bread on your own table and won’t even consider this as a money making opportunity.

After meet-up: (IF IF IF IF IF)
If everything goes well and if the group(s)/ensemble(s) is/are formed, each individual needs to be proactive and contribute to the hard work it will take to achieve success. If you need some advice and support I will be happy to chip in, although keep in mind that if you don’t feel like doing it I won’t push you, that’s why you must be clear from the beginning of your purposes and roles in which we will have to be on the same page.

We should aim to create history and become a musical family – brotherhood/sisterhood- and an active organization.
After the group(s) have been formed and have all communicated to me the go-ahead I will start creating/writing specifically for their group if we don’t have music for that specific group yet. (this will take a bit of time) . Once there is music we will be meeting weekly or bi-weekly on a constant basis.

*For different countries or states we will setup different timetables of when to meet.

There is a good chance that one or two of you can become the organizer(s) to help with things.
Be open minded, patient, willing to learn something new and most importantly contribute to the effort that it will take for us to successfully accomplish the end results.
If we stay strong, have patience while progressing we will go very far and become successful sooner or later. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us.
Just remember the title of this Meetup!

Look forward to your communication about this and your prerequisites. (which are a must)
Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding anything to do with what you just read.
Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Data actualizarii: 11/04/2016